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who we are

If you've been up to Saddleback Mountain Ski Area, the first person you met was probably a person in a yellow jacket who came over to you at your car and offered to help you unload and carry your equipment to the base lodge.  Saddleback has a team of 30+ volunteers who are our mountain ambassadors. 

what we do

Each morning begins with an 8 am morning meeting to divide the day's tasks across the volunteers.  The General Manager, Business Manager, and Host Supervisor give the volunteers an overview of the day's events, number of expected skier visits, the weather, and then the hosts don their yellow jackets and head outside.  The hosts greet guests, welcome people to the chairlifts, hand out maps, and give directions.  Additionally, the hosts provide assistance to ski patrol and act as another set of eyes on the mountain until the lifts close for the day.

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